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You might have everything money can buy, but YOU are the most finely tuned part of your golf game.

“My ambition is a one-stop-golf hub; to take the greatest aspects of golf and work with clients of all ages and stages to alleviate pain, lift current barriers, optimise their game, enable longevity and fundamentally enhance everything golf has to offer them."

-- Amanda Yardley, founder

Micro-optimisation of body and mind can pay big dividends for golfers

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We can collaborate in person, or remotely on your favourite devices

Everything we do is personalised and tailored to you and your goals. 

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Products and services

Biomechanical Screening

A thorough assessment to highlight any physical barriers that are limiting or impacting on your golf swing.

Injury Assessment and Treatment

A comprehensive assessment of any current injuries to provide a full diagnosis as well as personalised physiotherapy treatment.

Sports Massage 

Deep tissue massage to improve mobility, promote circulation and enhance recovery.

Beneficial for all levels of golfer.

Golf Fit: Personalised Programme

This service looks at specific goals that you wish to achieve and provides a personalised programme to improve all aspects of your golf fitness.

Junior Golf Screening

Junior screening is available to golfers from age seven to highlight any biomechanical and physical deficiencies.

Online Exercise and Rehab

This is a self guided onine exercise and rehab programme addressing various areas. 

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About Amanda Yardley

For over a decade, Amanda has run a successful physiotherapy practice. The cherry on top is that Amanda is also a qualified TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) specialist.

“I started working with Amanda on a monthly basis about 1 year ago due to lower back pain. I no longer get pain and my golf has improved significantly from a mid teen handicap to six.

I am playing the best golf of my life and have the ability to achieve a golf swing my body never used to allow me to achieve.”

Matt Fawcett

"Amanda was able to quickly and very successfully mobilise my foot through treatment in her clinic and with a personalised exercise programme.


Her thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing enabled me to start playing again fully within 5 months of having sustained my injury and within a further 6 months my handicap had dropped by five shots!" 

Alison Holborn

"Since meeting Amanda I have realised the benefits of her treatment for all aspects of my golf.  My strength and flexibility as a result of the exercises that she has explained has improved my golf swing and definitely minimised time lost due to aches and pains!"  

David Holborn

"I feel a lot more flexible in my Golf swing. I’ve increased my driving distance and I no longer feel sore the next day after a round.  Im looking forward to building on this amazing progress."

Michael Glassock

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Networked Partners

Golf Tuner is constantly evolving; the range of services will expand, alongside related products and partnerships, all personally curated and vetted by Amanda.

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